A madeira compósita, uma alternativa ecológica à madeira

Produced in a virtually waste-free manufacturing process, Fiberon offers consumers durable, sustainable decking product options that save natural resources. From raw material sourcing to routine maintenance, Fiberon outdoor living products incorporate the following sustainable practices.

Utilização de materiais locais reciclados

  • All recycled content is sourced within 500 miles of our manufacturing facilities.
  • Our composite decking products are made from recycled, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic (milk jugs, shampoo and laundry detergent bottles). HDPE has higher tensile strength for denser, durable products that also withstand higher temperatures better than poorer performing low density polyethylene (LDPE).
  • We combine with the HDPE with reclaimed wood flour, acquired from window trim, door frames, lumber and cabinet waste. HDPE encapsulates the wood protecting it from harsh weather, warping, splintering and decay.
  • Uma produção eco-energética, praticamente sem desperdícios

    • 98.5% of all material waste is recovered from our manufacturing processes.
    • The use of closed loop water cooling systems allow for zero water discharge.

    Saudável para a sua casa e para o ambiente

    • All products are urea formaldehyde-free.
    • No toxic chemicals are used in the manufacture of Fiberon products.

    Desempenhos duradouros para os anos futuros

    • Fiberon products deliver long-term performance that requires no chemical preservatives, paint or stains that are common for wood decks, railing and fencing.

    Para edifícios ecológicos de elevado desempenho

    • Fiberon composite decking products count towards LEED points and other green building programs for recycled content.
    • Designed for easier installation ? 40% fewer screws reduce installation time 30%.
    • For more details please read our document on how Fiberon incorporates sustainable practices and benefits into every product.